The idea for names reflecting our Christian heritage came from the Donnan family. The reasons for matching house names with their respective house colours were from Mary-Ann Field’s ideas.

What joy for the nation whose God is the Lord, whose people He has chosen for His own. Psalm 33:12


Our house names highlight South Australia’s Christian heritage and people of faith whose stories inspire us to excel.

Where have we come from – what are our nation’s foundations? Where are we going – what is our destiny? Many of our early explorers and pioneers were men and women of God. This is our nation’s heritage.

The state of South Australia was the only state in Australia that was founded wholly by Christians. All of the original founding politicians were lay preachers.

If a nation forgets her Christian heritage and history and is ignorant of the Bible principles upon which it was founded, that nation is like a ship without a rudder. Many Australians place little value on their Christian heritage, selling it for short term gain, [compare with Esau in Genesis 25:29-34] and consequently many have lost hope. Most Australian Christians are too complacent and are willing to let this nation, like Esau, sell its Godly heritage.

Psalm 78:1-8 talks about teaching the children about their heritage and ancestry in God. Why? So they might put their hope in God. Do our children know their Christian heritage? Have we taught them? Australian youth will have no sense of identity if they have never been taught their heritage.

Hebrews 11 lists ‘heroes of faith’. The message of Hebrews 11 is that we can look back at the amazing things our spiritual forefathers accomplished by faith and this gives us hope that we too can overcome adversity in life. We are spurred on to ‘run the race’.

Our heritage is Christian, and to try and remove such a heritage is not only wrong, but it is a dishonest attempt to distort the facts. Australia is a Christian nation because its laws and government are based on the Bible. We were born and raised for such a time as this! We are God’s history makers!
— Col Stringer, in Discovering Australia’s Christian Heritage © 1999 Col Stringer Ministries Inc