In our SVCC ELC, Jesus is the centre of all things, where life flows from Him and we live in His life each day.

We believe children:

  • Are joyful souls who take pleasure in celebrating life

  • Are curious, creative and wonder drives their learning process

  • Are powerful, capable and resilient, able to be the main characters of their learning process

  • Have a voice and many different ways to express themselves

  • Bring knowledge and understanding with them to build connections.

  • Have a natural desire and need for connection and relationships

  • Are unique and each journey has its own pathway

  • Express their worship and understanding of God


Therefore, the following principles will guide children’s learning journeys:

 The environment is strategically planned for children to engage in learning.

  • It is a fluid space to inspire curiosity and to response to children’s ongoing learning.

  • Nature is brought into learning spaces to inspire thinking, provide optimal engagement, and allow children to observe, to live and to deeply understand their environment.

  • The environment will let children use their senses and fully immerse in exploration and discovery


Children, families and educators will work together in a nurturing and passionate Christian atmosphere where they will grow by being active participants in our society. 

Educators role

  • Facilitate children’s learning by setting challenging age appropriate experiences

  • Listen to children’s voices and support their initiatives

  • Professional practice of reflection and research

  • Foster warm and trusting relationships with children and families

Families role:

  • We value parents as the primary educators of children

  • Families work in partnership with the ELC

  • Families are welcome to share their knowledge, skills, cultural knowledge and/or expertise.

Local community

  • We are intrinsically connected with our SVCC school community

  • Partnership with our local churches

  • Experiences in the local community are sort to enrich the education program

Zeph Field