Pedal Prix - Human Powered Vehicles

Each year for the past twenty years our College has entered into the International Pedal Prix. The Pedal Prix is a competition where teams race Human Powered Vehicles on a closed controlled circuit. It is the largest event of its kind anywhere in the world, it attracts teams from all around Australia and some international competitors. Our College enters two races we enter the six hour race at Victorian Park and major Pedal Prix event the 24 hour race at Murray Bridge.

We value the opportunity for students to develop their leadership, teamwork, endurance and fitness as well as having a great time developing a sense of community and school spirit. Families often visit or camp over to be part of the whole event. In 2015 the junior secondary team finished 13 and the senior secondary team finished 8th! We're looking forward to strong representation in the September race in 2016.

Zeph Field