High School For Year 7s… coming to S.A. in 2020

Changes to the South Australian Education System and What You Need to Know…

High school nerves are part the move for many students when going from primary school to secondary school. The government of South Australia is bringing the S.A education system in line with the rest of Australia by changing when students move up to high school. In the past students in S.A. enjoyed an extra year of primary school, but this is changing from 2020. Some Catholic schools will make the change in 2019, while the rest of the education system changes in 2020. 

For some students and parents the move from primary to high school can be stressful. Southern Vales is a Foundation to Year 12 school and so students do not go through those changes. 

Southern Vales is now accepting enrolments across all year levels, if you would like to know more about enrolling or book a Principal’s Tour, please contact us using our Contact Form or call us on 8488 0000.

From the Premier of SA:
A Marshall Liberal Government will ensure our students are not left behind their counterparts in other states by initiating the transition of Year 7 from primary school into high school.
South Australia is the only Australian jurisdiction that still has Year 7 in primary school despite the experience of other states which shows that year 7s thrive in a high school setting.
Moving Year 7 to high school will enable schools to have fully developed middle school programs. Research shows this is beneficial for students in the year 7-9 age group.
The national curriculum to which South Australia is a signatory has a focus on specialist maths, science and English teaching for Year 7 students and these subjects need to be taught by specialist teachers, who are found in a high school setting.
Keeping Year 7s at the primary level means they are studying a high school curriculum in primary school classrooms and missing out on specialist tuition.
Our year 7 students cannot continue to be left behind. That’s why we will improve long-term educational outcomes for South Australian students by moving year 7 into high school.