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It is our privilege to teach music at Southern Vales Christian College. Seeing young people become captivated by the beauty and excitement of music is a blessing, not only to us as teachers but also to parents who see their children grow in their love of creating music.

The specific skills and deep understandings gained via continued private music tuition greatly enhance both SACE and the Australian Curriculum in a range of ways. Understandably, by Year 12 SACE Music these become essential for high achievement.

We invite students and parents to become part of our co-curricular program and to experience the joys of learning music.

If you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you. You can contact us via our contact form below. 

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Janette Mayne

Music Teacher

Morphett Vale Campus

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Katie Rex

Performing Arts Teacher

Aldinga Campus

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Students enhance their musical journey by choosing a specific instrument and being connected with an available tutor.
Our teachers and tutors can guide parents with instrument choice as well as hire or purchase options.
Individual suitability, affordability and appropriate instrument quality should be considered with professional support.


Instruments usually available on at least one of our campuses include:
Keyboard: Piano, Keyboard
Woodwind: Recorder, Clarinet, Saxophone
Brass: Trumpet
Strings: Violin, Viola, Cello, Double BassGuitar: Acoustic, Electric & Bass
Percussion: Drums
Voice: Styles including Popular & Worship

NB: Availability may depend on student numbers and other instruments may be possible on request



We encourage students and parents to look into the many benefits of private music tuition. Learning an instrument from a highly skilled tutor can help develop children’s physical and communication skills as well enhance learning, patience and self-esteem.

While private tuition may commence at any age, most instruments can be best managed by around age eight.

Instruments such as piano and violin can often be successfully learnt by younger students, with piano (or keyboard) skills being beneficial as a foundation for other instruments including voice tuition.

Janette and Katie can assist with private tuition enquiries and parents should contact us using the Contact Form below.

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