Music Students Reflect on Their Musical Influences…

Today In Music : Morphett Vale Campus


From Music Teacher, Janette Mayne

Today, Year 9 Music students are starting to understand how to write a 'Performer's Statement' where they reflect on their musical influences, preparation, technical skills and performance of a selected piece or song - and how this helps them to improve for future performances.

Some of the Year 9 Performer's comments include: 

"I chose this song because I love the chord progression and the way the artist uses the vocals to emphasize the meaning of friendship."
"When it came to performing I used the strumming pattern: Down down up, down down up up down and I played the chords in a good way. I thought I did "ok" but could improve more with careful practice."
"The skills required to do this piece include moving your hands to different octaves quickly, moving fingers quickly and remembering the notes and the piece off the top of your head."

Year 11 Music students are finalising their composition in a 'Minimalist' style - where they have discovered that you can create interesting and effective music by using only a small number of notes and instruments. 

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Zeph Field