Juliana Hernandez • ELC Director

My name is Juliana Hernandez Camargo and I am so pleased to become part of this fantastic community. I would like to share a bit of my life journey. I was born in Colombia, South America, where I grew up in a nurturing and loving family, who planted the Christian faith seed in my heart. Later on, after finishing with my studies I was blessed to marry a great and amusing man and start a family. Together we have been facing challenges and taking on adventures like moving to Australia and having an incredible and lovely daughter; always seeing the love and faithfulness of God throughout our days. 

I began my teaching career back in Colombia with an Early Childhood Education degree (2003) and a Masters in Education and Social Development (2007). I have been working with Early Childhood for a while, with 4 years of experience as a Foundation Teacher in a school in Colombia and 7 years as a Kindy Teacher and Educational Leader at the Community Childcare Centre at Flinders Medical Centre here in Adelaide. I also had an opportunity to work with adults for about three years teaching Spanish at the Adelaide Spanish School, which I enjoyed too as it helped me to stay connected with where I came from and to share a bit of South American diverse culture.

Being a teacher is my call from God and my passion thus working in the Early Learning Centre at Southern Vales Christian College is an opportunity to fully serve Him. Creating and setting a rich learning environment with appropriate pedagogical strategies and sharing God’s message, leading others in His direction and letting the Holy Spirit be the guest of honour are the main aims of my role as Director.

I will be looking forward to bringing into the ELC elements of social-cultural and cognitive approaches to Education, finding inspiration on well-known pedagogues, socio-cognitive psychologies and others specialists like Vygotsky, Jerome Bruner, Howard Gardner, and Loris Malaguzzi among others to thread the ELC’s philosophy, based on our environment and community unique characteristics.

Children in the ELC will be the protagonists of their own learning and become an active and important part of the community. By playing, pretending, socialising, exploring, questioning and enquiring about the things that surround them, children will get to analyse, hypothesise, theorise and make sense of what they experience and therefore be ready not only for school but also to have a good and fair start in life. 

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