Alumni Testimonials

Students tell us what school life was like at SVCC and what they are doing since graduating.

We caught up with two of our previous students, Adam and Grace, asking how life was at Southern Vales Christian College and also what they’re up to now they’ve graduated. 

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Adam Perryman

Former SVCC Student, now studying Bachelor of Civil Engineering at Flinders University.

My overall experience at SVCC was very enjoyable as well as challenging. The staff and teachers within the college are very approachable and form strong relationships with their students, caring for every student. This, as well as smaller class sizes ensures the teachers know every one of their students, allowing for more one-on-one teaching for those students that require it but also allowing the teachers to easily identify those who need an extra challenge within the classroom. I think this makes school enjoyable for all students as nobody is left behind, or held back academically. I completed Year 12 in 2017 and continue to work at Aldinga Hungry Jack’s, where I am now in management, whilst undertaking a Bachelor of Civil Engineering at Flinders University. I am currently in my second year of the four year degree.

Positive memories

I have many positive memories from my six years at SVCC however one of my favourite memories was the Outdoor Education camp. This was a hiking camp in deep creek conservation park and was a fun and challenging experience to share with classmates and friends. It was particularly memorable for me as the camp provided me with an opportunity to do something I would not otherwise have done.

Three words to describe my feelings of SVCC

Rewarding Challenging Enjoyable For parents considering enrolling their children in SVCC I would say that my time at SVCC has developed me into the person I am today. SVCC will teach your child morals and manners as well as all their academic material. The school has excellent facilities and regularly participates in open school sporting events and extracurricular activities ensuring students are always exposed to new challenges and activities if they wish to be. I would highly recommend attending SVCC to make the most out of their schooling years.

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Grace Magee

Former SVCC Student, now studying Clinical Psychology at Flinders University

What was school like for you Grace?

I had such a positive experience at SVCC. The teachers were like family to the students.

After graduating…

I completed Year 12 at SVCC, and during those three months after I finished, my friends and I just spent time adventuring different places together and celebrating what we'd accomplished. It was such a fun time! What are you doing now?

I am now at Flinders Uni studying Psych Honours in hope of becoming a clinical psychologist. I am also a waitress at an Indian restaurant on Aldinga Beach esplanade

Share a positive memory...

One positive memory from my school years would have to be the camps we went on. I remember in Year 9, we went to Victor Harbour and hiked the Heysen Trail. Having the cliffs and water on one side of you, and the flora and fauna on the other was a really special memory that our cohort shared altogether. And what 3 words describe your time at SVCC?

Family, Fun and Academic. What advice would you give parents considering SVCC?

Send your child to SVCC in order to help them obtain a Christ-like nature, and to allow them to receive an education under a group of teachers who truly love and care for your child.

Zeph Field